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I take a step back,
Thinking about it twice:

If I went back to the same place
Where I met you...
Could I feel once again,
What I felt with you,
But this time, being without you? 

My mind paints you in every detail,
You are in my heart everywhere,
But I know I can't bring you back,
And that it hurts and kills my soul.

  I feel the need to hear your voice,
I feel the need to know that you are doing fine.
I can't find anything funny,
Drowning me in the ocean of pain.

I feel down!
I have to get use to live
The rest of my life -
Without you being by my side.
  Many tell me I can find another,
But my soul does not work,
Does not work this way.


  • Feb 08, 2021

  • fantastic mam

    Feb 09, 2021

  • Feb 23, 2021

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