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The pain is too much I just can't take it
Aren't I worth your love yeah right I'm just
Me for me.your rejection didn't break me it
Broke my heart and now its healed,it hurts 
But its true I will never get your love for you aren't
The one for me

There is that one person desighed for me 
Call me names i had never heard but you know
That its true.i cant force you to love me so thanks for
Being honest with me thanks for opening my eyes
Thanks for breaking me by telling me the truth
You...are one of a kind I just didnt know that
you weren't the one..

I wanted love so badly that I ended up being
Blind I should have searched a little bit more 
I felt dump...I know that I will be happy at the end of 


  • Feb 08, 2021

  • Feb 25, 2021

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