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It is a place where many pass,
But no one can recognize our story.
 Where I often return thirsty for good memories,
 Thirsty for your kiss, thirsty for your soul,
 But I do not find you there, I have to stay alone. 

 It's a place on a street I can't forget,
 Its lights guided us to our homes
 And it was so sweet. 

 The lights for me remain off 
Even if others see them on.
  I will be back soon.

My steps always bring me here,
 The streets are already wet, 
Because the rain is starting to fall 
On my hair and face.

 The sun has also come down 
Between the mountains, 
And I feel like I am running out
 Of my heartbeat.

It is a place that many ignore,
But for me it means so much.
It is the place in the train station
 Where we first touched our hearts.


  • Feb 04, 2021

  • Nice

    Feb 04, 2021

  • i always like to read your writings mam and i learn a lot from your writings....

    Feb 04, 2021

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