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I dont know how to start this out 

The things im thinkin now

So many angles i could choose

So many ways i could write about this dude

When i was a child i had my fears

But none were as bad as what led me to tears

My mom left for drugs and couldnt find the water

My father didnt want his very own daughter

So i walk this world 

Always in wonder

Why they never came back

For their “precious” daughter

So i stand alone,

 all on my own,

 i think and drink 

But nothing can take back 

the pain when i blink

The life i live is like zink, it doesnt make sense

But it does to me

I know its hard to comprehend 

 its what i live through,

 i feel till the end.

Been abused from 5 till now

In all the ways you know how

At 11 i was initiated 

To the westside gang

Dont laugh homie

Cuz i aint playin

Was homeless recently

But still going to school and makin that hunny

Cuz i could go back any minute if i mess up now, 

So better buck up and go and get those stacks up now

Homie dont you get it 

I was fightin the dirt

How do they claim to love me if they deny me my worth 

They dont know how much their words hurt

Look at my life and look how it turned

Workin at jack in the crack

Gettin the stacks

Underestimate me you in for a surprise 

You dont know my strength 

Homie, you better bounce back

The names fogbank 

Dont wear it out

Cuz i got my life set out 

The clocks tickin now

Its time to make it out

That is it

This is me 

Fogbank, im bouncin out 

This is my fight 

This is my win

This is my story

This is my sin


  • Dec 17, 2020

  • Dec 17, 2020

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    Dec 18, 2020

  • Dec 18, 2020

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