A'vast Homeward Bound. Read Count : 41

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by Nomadic One 
© All rights reserved.
Tis not only the grumble of the pirate
that gives voice to the tongue of the sea
but it's also the man seeking refuge
in the depths of its cold history
There are some who just won't go near it
while still shallow and under their chin
as for me? I surely will bear it...
rough water? nor' easter? I'm in.
Now; I've had me some ships
and a scuttle or two
but that's how I learned that you...
well, that superstition has been
passed through the ages
yes- that one and this:
They say...,
"Time and tide waits for no man around."
and the worst thing that's hollered???
because then you swing stern 180 degree
and tuck in behind some protection alee
where the wind and the waves
are as low as the dirt
and the Cap't puts on
some new unwrinkled shirt
That's when I go and tend to the keel
or I polish the brass
of the ships steering wheel
my mates (Gruff and Grimey)
soon return with a jug
so I go and I fetch Grandpa Ziggy's old mug.
You see, he's the one
who'd rounded greatness in me
as he taught both a love
and a fear of the sea
which are one in the same
to those with the notion
to abandon dry land
and go live on the ocean.
Time and tide wait for no man, it's true
and the water will swaller a boat colored blue
but if you keep that grey parrot
up on your left shoulder
that deep water turmoil
may let you grow older.
R.I.P. Robbie St.Peter †


  • Dec 17, 2020

  • Dec 18, 2020

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