Tier High School S2- Apocalypse: Ep. 2: The Sing Brothers Pt 1: Hakim Sing Read Count : 18

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Elon: Ugh, really don't want to do this.

Luna (Elon's Mom): You have to. For your sister.

Elon: Why can't Stole do it again?

Luna: Because he's on a class trip in America.

Elon: Fine!

Luna: Thank you sweety.

Elon: Your welcome.


Aydin is sitting at the table eating a bowl of cereal.

Aydin: See you when I get back home mom!

Beth (Aydin's Mom): Have fun on your date with Autumn honey!

Aydin: I will, bye.

Aydin met up with Mike and Autumn.

Aydin: Ready?

Autumn: Ready!

The three went on to school, Tier High School.


Elon: Hurry Emily!

Emily: I'm coming, I'm coming.

Elon: I'm running late to school.

Emily: So what.

Elon: I'm teaching a class! Let's go!

Emily: Okay...


Elon arrived to Chance Center High after dropping Emily off at Tier High School.

Elon: Good morning class, sorry I'm late.

Student 1: Are you really Elon Moon?

Elon: Yep. One and only.

Student 2: Is it true that you hold the school's number one spot?

Elon: Y-

Student 3: Even when you transferred school's?

Student 4: Which is better? Here or Tier High School?

Elon: Yes. Yes. And Tier High School has more arenas than Chance and is a lot after, but Chance has the most advance and largest stadium in Marron Valley District. It depends.

Jessica: Can we get to the lessons already!?

Elon: Awh, Jessica Sing. Yes. Sorry for making you wait.

Jessica: Thank y-

Boy Voice: Elon Moon, I challenge you too a fight!

Elon: I'm in the middle of a class, and your sister is in here!

Jessica: Hakim leave!

Hakim: Shut up, Jessica, this is bigger than you!

Jessica: Don't make me get Dominic!

Hakim: He sent me.

Elon: Energy Shield!

Jessica's Mind: What the?

Hakim: Chance 6 Activate!

Elon: Teleportation!

Elon teleported him and Hakim out of the class and to the new stadium. Officials were informed of the situation.

Elon: Now we can get serious without casualties.

Hakim: Good, because I wasn't going to go easy!

Elon: Good, I was hoping you give it your all.

Hakim: Chance Charm! Raining Knives!

Elon: Energy Shield!

Hakim: Fight me! Swirling Fire!

Elon: It'd be to fast of a win for me.

Hakim: Come on use your full power!


Dominic: This full is asking to die.

Trinstin: Yeah.

Dominic: Go take care of it, and don't fail me.

Trinstin: You know, we're all leaders, can't just boss is around.

Dominic: Yeah but I'm also more powerful than you and the oldest. It's like democracy, multiple people appointed so no one person has more power, except that one person, me, has more power over you two. Now go.

Trinstin: Yeah, yeah. Whatever, I'm going.


Hakim: Come on do it!

Elon: Come on, I have to go on a date after school, I really don't want to look all messy.

Hakim: Too bad. Rock Dome!

Elon: Magma!

Hakim: Show me, your full strength you asshole!

Elon: Fine, you want to see!? I'll show you!

Hakim: Yes!

Elon: Special Tier! Moon Bean!


Emily: Addilyn, Aydin...

Aydin: I know, I feel it too

Addilyn: Elon...

Mike: What the hell is going on over there?


Elon stared down at Hakim's unconscious body.

Elon: I... I told... told you.

Boy Voice: Don't rest now.

Elon: Trinstin?

Trinstin: Yeah, in the flesh.

Elon: What do you want?

Jessica: Trinstin what is going on! Did you guys not here me when I said leave him alone? I'll tell dad!

Trinstin: Jessica, little sister, shut up.

Elon: Leave her alone.

Trinstin: Make me.


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