The Real You Read Count : 17

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You know the right answer but you keep picking wrong 
cause your conscious and your current mindset don’t ever get along 

You’re fighting with your demons and your choosing all the time 
But it’s never really you making decisions on your mind. 

You got the you and the you that you don’t wanna be who keeps picking for you and you see what you turn out to be

Your never in control cause you let him take the wheel, you’re never in control cause you dont wanna steer
You’re never in control cause you always live in fear 

Of what you want
What you wish 
What you cannot see 

You always live in fear of never being who you wanna be. 

You’re paralyzed, Controlled 
and a constant crook 
cause you’re the one stealing  from yourself  man, your the one to book. (Your not let off the hook) 

Recognize your pattern don’t let it paint your picture. You have the final say so memorize your scripture. 

Choose for yourself, don’t let it do it for you. Be continuous of your doing don’t live on auto mode. You have a future to uphold. 

So walk in living moment, be conscious to what you think. Cause what you choose and how you live is who you’re ganna be. 


  • Dec 17, 2020

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