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The holiday of this season,

may seem gloomy in our challenging of times,

But the lights of love remain,

Togetherness maybe virtual,

We still have the love of family an friends that remain.

Let us all keep the faith,

Let the fear disappear,

Let us keep the togetherness near an dear to our hearts,

As we can still rejoice in social distancing.

Give air hugs,

Give elbow pumps,

Give the blowing of kisses,

As it still will keep the warmth of our hearts,

All around the world.

Mask on our faces,

Are depressing but,

As it still remains,

the smiles under them,

for us all to know that we share.

Just knowing the warmth of love,

is what will keep the sparks of this holiday afloat.

Cheer will be the love of the world.

Cheer will be the warmth of our hearts.

Cheer will be what will keep the earth spinning.

Let us know:

“All Lives Matters!”


  • Dec 16, 2020

  • Dec 16, 2020

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