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It can be anyone
However, its a sweet bitter taste
When i first tasted the fruit
Sore all over my mouth
Shame can't let me look the mirror.

My smile contagious, along a tempting body!
Whenever, I'm alone, I do feel myself
Show me the being
whom honey will drop in his mouth
and chooses to spit it out .

He's not strong enough to resist
He died when he sees me
I carried the beauty of an African woman
Gifted by nature without silicon
Eyes watches when I move.

I'm made wonderfully
He laid his net, i became trapped
Just like a fish on a hook
I should've run, when i got the chance
Too affectionate to take an act.

I was lured not forced
His scheme too genuine to doubt
He gave me no reason to ask
I was warned to cut ties with him
Too late to take a turn
In the end, I became his paramour.



  • Dec 15, 2020

  • Asiwaju Adesoga

    Asiwaju Adesoga


    Dec 15, 2020

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