Clouded By My Own Unrequited Love Read Count : 18

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U know this  word called love.
Love is the most amazing thing in this world
One thing no one has a definition to 
One thing , one feeling yearned by many 
But found by none
Unexplainable with the powerful powers it possesses 

I may be a girl who has yearned for it but 
I can say so much 
About the posession it has on my heart

Love is one thing to cherish 
And love is a feeling to hold on to
Being in love is a fantasy 
A magical world waiting to be discovered 

I to do wish tht it was sometimes what I had 
But unfortunately 
I fell in love with a person that doesn't love me
It saddens my heart 
For my unrequited love clouded me 
With blindness to not see 
The one true man who loved me 

Unrequited love 
Is what I'm destined to have in this lonely life of mine
But to all the lovebirds , all the soulmates , all the lovers
Hold on to the person that loves you 
With every bit in your soul
For true love is sometimes seemed but never found 



  • Dec 15, 2020

  • Beautiful

    Dec 22, 2020

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