July 15 (Backroad) Read Count : 36

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Drama
Give me the freedom to roam
And I’ll have a belly full of green by noon
I’ll paint you 32 new shades of a psychedelic high trip on the greenest grass you’ve ever seen 
Give me free reign and I’ll tell you a hundred new ways to see the sun boistering off the backs of smoky mountains 
But more so, I’ll stand for magnificence in the face of inevitable death 
A gentle stare, turned perspective 
so as to not bash one’s head into double timed truth 
I’m my most relaxed, when I’m afraid 
That’s not true but it is somehow 
Somehow still trailing those tears through the hills 
40 years and a tourist retreat 
I might have met their bones at a curve or two
Seen em up right and walkin wondering what it means to be a soul like me 
Who or what kind of me am I to be back here? 
Who or what kind are you? 
What does it mean to be me 
I guess there are as many ideas as there are eyes which have have sight
Or don’t 


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