My Life Part 2 Read Count : 22

Category : Stories

Sub Category : YoungAdult
Well I play fortnite and met a friend I play with him every day. We do roplays and he's well my best friend on fortnite but in real life it's my brother. And people say my favorite skin brutus is fat but I don't believe that I think he has muscles I'll describe him he looks like the rock except has black  glasses. You can be shadow or ghost brutus the  Shadow Brutus has a skeleton mask. The coast Brutus has a white robot mask. He has his own place called The grotto an has henchman wearing all black and well I watch stranger things it is good. I do school work it sucks. But I have to do it. and I make stories and comics. Well yeah that my life


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    Dec 13, 2020

  • Remy Garza

    Remy Garza


    Dec 17, 2020

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