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It's not about me. It's about a woman, a wonder woman who has never stopped to fight to live with her own new path with her lovely daughter. She was my best friend. And I wrote this for her. The bravest girl has turned into a mature woman. 

Not many words had been spoken. Not many stories had been told when we met that day. We had a short visit but it was literally full of meaning. You’re my best friend and you have always inspired me. This is an honest opinion I have ever given to you from the bottom of my heart.

We met like God’s plan for both of us. A friend of mine has been introduced us at that time, in 2008 for a religious camp event and our friendship got closer since then. We’ve been through lots of things together. Laugh and tears have become part of our story. We even shared food together. During that time, it was a very tough time for both of us.I was jobless, had no money to provide myself. I wasn’t able to buy food for lunch and Novita Parwati was willing to share her simple lunch menu that afternoon. Salted egg with rice.

NOTE: The salted egg was only a half at that time and it was just enough for her but she was willing to share it with me. I will never forget this such an amazing, blessing things named kindness. Guys, that's true love! Nobody could ever do such a thing like that especially when you both been dealing with the same things, being jobless for months and have no money to provide yourself and you still can share love and kindness toward people, that was the real beautiful soul!

When her grandfather passed away, it was in the middle of the night, Novita texted me just to inform me of the sad news about her grandpa. We cried. I was there for her. As her companion. 

When her husband passed away, Novita still doing the same thing. Texted me to inform me sad news about her husband. I was totally shocked at that time. I wanted to see her but the covid 19 and social distancing also the restriction area has made everything even harder.

From this story I’ve learned many things. Yes, our paths were different now. But our friendship is irreplaceable.

When I was tired of my own life, wanted to give up, and cried because of a cruel fate etc, I was sometimes reminded by God about Novita. Her fortitude and her patience. She almost never complains even though sometimes as a human being she can, but she stayed strong and has become a great person and I am so proud of her.

Thank you for being an amazing person, Nek. And thank you for the best sincere friendship we had shared for ages. I love you ♥ ️

© Vivian Lin 

All pictures, story and name I put in here already got permission from her. 



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