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Maybe I was wrong to send you
 A message on your birthday, 
Now all memories are alive 
And dead dreams are reborn in desires.  

Maybe I was wrong to go back to the past, 
To light my heart with an erased love.
 Maybe it was better to leave the dust
 Over the dumb wound. 

 You put salt on my blood 
With every message you send me back,
 And the hours remain blocked 
Until you write to me again.  

Maybe I was wrong
 Because I still have feelings.
And your dry messages don't help me,
 They're just trying to kill me.


  • This is very beautiful

    Dec 11, 2020

  • Dec 11, 2020

  • Very beautiful

    Dec 12, 2020

  • love the way you weave your words together to make real beautiful poetry, brilliant!

    Dec 13, 2020

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