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Throughout our relationship 
there a couple of things you 
did to me, hurt me to the bone 
I thought you could keep this between us 
without told people about it, should’ve turned to me talked it out. 
While being in a relationship with you 
talk to others negatively about me, 
with your many friends in publicly
while hung out with them, and left me 
alone in the dark outside the N building. 
Is that gentleman's behavior toward an older woman you loved? 
 We went to our Christian leader’s house 
played the mystery game after that ended, we 
walked outside the dark without hold onto, my hand. 
You went into the car without helping me out 
you made many promises to me and you had 
said to me, even you told me had loved me never show it to me, I don’t want to change. 
Despite your many flaws still like the way you are. 
Wish we found a cure for our painful heart 
and be back with each other, be together 
in the future right now, we both hurt each other 
both of us have changed because of what. We 
did to each other I wish on a shooting star, we can heal each other’s painful heart. 


  • Very good

    Dec 11, 2020

  • Healing is the word. Very nice.

    Dec 11, 2020

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