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   With the growing political climate, I can only say that I am abhorred by the greed and selfishness of our conservative leadership in the United States of America. All over the country right now, families struggle as they continue to pay rent and meet the high costs of survival. These high costs, caused by the ignorance of our leaders and the selfish desire to reopen the economy during one of the worst national emergencies we have ever faced. Meanwhile, they keep our finances captive, while advocating for companies who want to eliminate their responsibility to this pandemic. By forcing people to work during this horrible emergency. Putting thousands of lives at risk every day, and forcing those people to fill the white little coworker or family member may end up dying from covid-19.

   It is with great weight of heart that I write this, because of the terrible conditions people have been forced to live with. A single $1,200 stimulus barely worth enough to cover two or three months worth of rent depending on the area you live in. These individuals in Congress have no idea of the living costs the young and middle class have endured because of their greed over these last three decades. The costs of food skyrocketed while wages which have not been raised in these decades to live comfortably.

   During this holiday season, as children feel the weight of not being close to friends and family, they have the joy of childhood stripped from them. Most families can't afford simple things for their children like lego sets or action figures. Meanwhile most of these same individuals live in million dollar mansions, own private jets, and eat luxury dinners, all at the expense of the taxpaying citizens. These people don't want to rely on companies to pay for their needs, they want to pay it out of their pockets, because it's real. It's a representation of that person's work or efforts, the one they take home from work or fulfilling tasks everyday. They earn and deserve that with fair treatment, but the workers do not ever receive it.

   Businesses should understand it has responsibility towards both the workers and customers. A handful of individuals in our government are trying to push their responsibility to the people on a small group of people while they benefit. Large corporations amassed millions of dollars while people can't afford gifts for their children. Where is that money now I wonder? When all is said and done, do these so-called leaders have the courage to do what's right? I must say I have my doubts because so far not a single billionaire has told Senator McConnell to shut up and sit down so people get what they deserve, so their children can have the joy of receiving while their parents give them something real.


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