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Understand what you’re feeling 
I feel the same as you whatever 
I did to you stab in your heart 
I feel the same way as you, should’ve told me whatever you feel hurt. 
Open up about everything out to me, 
you think I’m sensitive to whatever you say you me. that is not true as you recall I’m 
not, the person I once were can take whatever complaint about me. 
Let you vent out your emotion I’m here to listen, never going to talk while you’re speaking to me, all I want to hear your perspective. 
The dark truth is what you did to me has changed me, the same thing I did to you 
has changed your feeling toward me, you 
should’ve told me and share everything with me. 
How can I care about you? 
If you talk negatively about me to other peoples, all the emotion stuck in my mind 
there a machine shock within me, it’s given me this unsettling feeling. 
Cause me to have a what-if scenario that has not yet happened, whatever you haven’t done give me a red flag, and feel like I have a heart attack. 
Should’ve told me in a way I can stay calm 
be careful what you do or say to me, if not 
I will not be in a calm state of mind, will give you pressure until you grow tired and get enough of me. 
My anxiety start to be severe to get in to the point, it’s made me did or to say things begin to spin out of control I didn’t mean to 
hurt others and your feeling, know what I did was wrong. 
But you can’t blame me for everything because of my severe anxiety, and my disability struggle, the truth is everything 
wasn’t my fault. 
If you did something differently and calm me down, instead I won’t make it the worst on others and on you, if you have known this about me. 


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