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I’m tired of feeling heavy
Not in the rich way

I can feel every emotion and physical feeling around me
I can sense these pains everyday

I want to allow myself, to just live
Without any stress or self consequence

I just wanna breathe
And breathe in truth again

I just wanna breathe
And breathe out other people’s problems again

I wanna get tattoos and not regret it
I wanna son and not feel any way about it

My own empathy
Has really been kill in’ me

Even if this gift makes me, me
Along with my mental illness, this gift consumes me

Sometimes it’s hard to feel when I’m in my meds
But I feel crazy when I’m off my meds

Notice how I cried late at night in bed
Notice how I’m running around more in my head

He understood
Cause he lived it

I think we’d both rethink what we went through if we could
The spark we had, we both walked away from it

My own emapthy
It’s been killin’ me

For so long
Musics my passion

And nowadays it’s hard for me to feel anything through any song
I’ve lost my will and my passion

When I’m on my meds
I’m not paranoied and in my head

When I’m off my medication
I get back my passion and ambition

So what the hell am I suppose to do
When half of me is black, and the other part is blue

Now I really understand you
And why I admired you when you were dressed in black but felt so beautiful & blue


  • Another good one. Great write.

    Dec 10, 2020

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