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It wa Denver about the love
Never about never feeling enough

It’s the fact that we both have pain that we could share with each other
Childhood traumas that were shared between two people that were not just lovers

It’s not about the love now
It’s time for us to heal now

I may be calling you out as the waves crash over me
But I know you miss callin’ me baby

But this time is for us
This was never about the romantic love

It was about
The emotions from the traumas we never let out

Emotions flows by out
And we forget the depth we shared with one another before the live ran out

You ran out
Might as well kicked me in the stomach while I was down

You know you didn’t mean to hurt me
But this is your responsibility

You put your pain on me
I put my pain on you, and I’m sorry

Thank you Josh A
I’ve had an epiphany today

That the boy
Who introduced me to you

Was never my enemy
We were meant to be best friends like we were in the beginning of our history

I still wanna call you baby
And just maybe

I’m right
But I’ll never know tol you fall to your knees crying yo to the sky

We were each other sstepping stones
A vortex into knowing

That we were never alone
Never meant to feel alone

The trauma we shared is what goes us together
We heal each other and that’s why “you and me” feels better

I know we’re not ready to come back around
But it’s comin’ round

Cause I can feel it
I can feel you, feel it

This ain’t over
We both miss the other

Being bext to us under the covers
We were best friends before we were lovers

Maybe we were meant to be together
Cause we trusted each other, like sister and brother

Maybe “we” are meant to be in this life
Cause we fight, like husband and wife

Maybe we were meant to die together in the end
Cause we always loved each other like best friends


I know there’s more depth to us
Even if it makes you subconsciously unpset

There’s a depth neither one of us has ever felt
So why don’t we just feel like another knoch in our belts

To each other
Maybe it’s because we were meant to be more than lovers

You held me underneath the covers
And I protected you from the plunders

I still feel this love for you
Like a spark of fire in a dark room

And I think we both know
That this ain’t over till we grow

To the same measure
At the same rhythm, so we can be together 

I know how I feel about you
And I know my bestest friend, you

Hid beneath blacks and blues
For the simple fact you’re not comfortable with being the real you

With me you always were
But you are, only ever gong to be your cure

The green curtains
I never deserved this

The white roses
I never deserved to see you metaphorically overdose

We both made the same mistake
Hiding our pain til we let out the anger on our loved ones one day

I’ve thought about being more like other girls
But you wouldn’t love me if I was like every other girl

I would never be me
Never be “I’m just Audree”

There’s something that needs to come up
Out of your mouth

Is it love?
Cause I know on you I’d never look South

Is it love for me?
Or am I completely wrong, about our history?


  • Great write. Gave me goosebumps.

    Dec 10, 2020

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