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I slept and i dreamed the Big Bang with the shine of my eyes when I opened them.

My brain was scattered across the void, and it bled light and dark into the distance.

Before me, begged existence.

Listen, i was the vaccuum of space,

A restless walker. 

As the light and the darkness grew, they became the two main gods of the full grown cosmos. 

Finally, i was a womb. 

I shone each single star,

I watered every black hole 

and i flew all the floating stones

I am the alpha, on the search for the Omega 

Without the omega, i felt so flawful. 

Omega was in the visor of my gun,

that's how a fight between me and the father broke into reality 

he already knew about my missing puzzle piece.

He casted his shadow upon me

Look, everywhere my feet stepped, flowers and grass were growing. 

My breathing turned up storms. 

Under me, the earth quaked. 

But after the lightning hit me, i was different. 

I am Mortal now.

I am human now. 

I became one with the Omega.

Before my brain was pregnant, i was a dreamer. 

Before i was the womb, i was the vaccum of space, i was the alpha, then, i was nature, and after nature, i was a human. 

After the fall, i am the alpha, i am the Omega. 

I am the first, i am the last 

I am the beginning, i am the end. 

I am the creator and the destroyer

I am an artist. 


  • Dec 10, 2020

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