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You let my heart being burn, 
You let my soul being hurt.
  Your touch was the ice cube
 I couldn't melt over my skin.

Your indifference reminds me
 Of what I have to forget. 
 You left deep traces in my heart, 
You made me feel even sad,
 Drinking all my tears.

  You left me with regrets, 
Thinking of you even now.
  I don't know where you are,
 But remind me to forget 
All your words that have
 Resonated in my ears for so long.

  I don't know what you're doing, 
But please remind me to forget the pain, 
Because your cold words froze
 Even the hottest veins.


  • Dec 09, 2020

  • Pretty poem....

    Dec 09, 2020

  • Dec 09, 2020

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