The Clown Read Count : 22

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Sub Category : Horror

Elisha: Heya, saw the news?
Amy: Yeah
Elisha: Wassup?
Amy: On a walk
Elisha: You saw the news right?
Amy: Ya, but WHEN I was already on a walk
Elisha: Okk
Someone else there?
Amy: No, I'm coming home
Can I come to your house?
Elisha: Sure! 
Amy: Oh wait, I forgot to put the trash
Elisha: K, be careful
Amy: Look a clown!
Elisha: Run, it might be a killer clown
*1 min later*
Elisha: Hey, you there?
I called the cops
They're on thier way
Amy: I'm here, but the clown is coming towards me
Elisha: k
Wait! The cops can't see you... Or the clown.
Amy? Heyyy?!
Amy: I'm here in the woods, tell em to search there
Elisha: I did 
But no reply
Amy: You're the only one who can save me
Pls come into the woods
Elisha: But
*2 min later*
Elisha: I can't see you
Maybe the cops lost thier data
In the woods
But if you're in the woods...
How'd you get data connection??
You're not Amy!
Where are you, who are you?
Amy: Sleep tight sweetie


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