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You linger like a tattoo
Kissing my skin the way you like to do

You should be an illegal drug
Make girls cry and then go to their room after they look down and shrug

I don’t forgive you
But I’m not mad at you

I understand why tou are the way you are
All the pain left you with two different types of scars

The visual
And the mental, non-physical

Only somebody like you would know
Only somebody like me would know

Cause everybody miss judges me
They dismiss me as innocent and pretty

When deep down I’m a soul that’s suffered unimaginable misery
I had to construct myself like the US workers did for the Statue of Liberty

You have to work for something in order to feel deserving the salutes that they give to you
Work until you’re physically or mentally black & blue

It’s like we’re eachuthers mirrors
But I can’t differentiate what I see here

One labor or the other
All I know is that to society you’re just my ex lover

But when the cycle isn’t over
To me you aren’t just an ex lover

Overlapping discussions
Almost got sent to an institution

Puzzle pieces to each other
And our journeys are the friends of all the others

It’s a big picture
But are we truly meant to be a different colored sand mixture?

Sometimes I lose my passion for anything
Til you send me goosebumps and you make me feel absolutely everything

Nothing is guaranteed
But we’re still tied to each other in the books in the dead’s library


  • Dec 09, 2020

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