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I haven’t written in awhile
I just don’t feel inspired anymore

I feel like this ain’t really my style
The more I grow in age the farther the space gets between me and my friends on the other side of the door

I just wanted the best for this boy
Never intended to use him as a play toy

I think he’s forgotten why we got together in the first place
We were each others shoulder when we felt out of place

I still haven’t forgot your face
And you still make me nervous

It’s been about two years since your face appeared next to my face
Never thought it’d come to this

Deep down I know why this is all happenin’
But life has pushed me back down to the floor by trampling my passion

I’m loosing what I needed most
Your spirit makes me fall to my knees even if your as un-apparent as a spiritual ghost

I just don’t write the same

Now I’m starting to think that maybe changing is inevitable
And I’m starting to understand why we may not be so compatible

My intuition tells me what they tell me is the truth
I now know why I’m so twisted when it comes to you

Maybe cause I never fell out of love with you
More like I never stopped loving you

Saw everything in me what I still see in you
I know you can’t differentiate what love you have towards me, can you?

But now I know
We need to grow

If we ever wanna come back full circle
Separation is a disgusted mirical

There’s a million things coming back
Like you do every six months

I can still feel your mint breath on the back of my neck
We are the yin and yang of each others needs & wants

There’s a reason we keep comin’ around
Take a breath in the wind and listen for a sound

A trumpet were meant to hear
Cause when you’re here

The way your suppose to be
I feel safe with my own soulality

Came work forward with me
We don’t have to wither away

Dear lord, please let both him & me
Stay here in our own settled way


  • Dec 09, 2020

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