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I came to you, Santa, 
I wanted to hand you the letter. 
I know that my words are simple,
 But they hide the greatest wishes 
I can have for this Christmas.

  Take the first time, 
Out of your red bag,
 Health for a lifetime, 
Give me an ounce of hope, 
To think positively.

  If my family is well,
 I'm fine too. 
 If there is peace in the world I live in,
 I live in peace with myself too.

  I am writing you a letter 
Even though I am no longer a child,
 But I am sure that you have kept 
the letters since I was little, 
Fulfilling my wishes - even now.

  You made me an aromatic tea, 
I wish I had more time to stay.
But I know that others will come to you 
Through the letters they send to you.


  • Dec 08, 2020

  • Dec 08, 2020

  • Dec 08, 2020

  • Love this! 💜

    Dec 09, 2020

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