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I remember being young

The rumor about the monsters 

Under the bed

In the closet

Down in the cellar

Or in the attic

I remember being young

All I had to do to make them stop

Was cover up my feet

And don’t stick them over the edge

I remember being young

And the sky was so blue

The grass was so green

And the world was beautiful

I remember being young

The only thing bad was bedtime

Not being able to get the toy I wanted

It rained when I was supposed to play outside

Then we grew up

I grew up and the truth finally showed

The monsters aren’t hiding around me

They’re hiding in me

I grew up and blankets aren’t shields

Covering up now makes you sweat

It makes you shake more

It makes it so you can’t breathe

I grew up and the colors dimmed

Bedtime is all I want

Toys are only a thing of a dream 

Because money rules life

I grew up and I can’t even remember

The happy little girl I was most of the time

I’ve grown up to hate myself

To hurt myself

And be the only monster there really is 

I’m not sure where I went wrong

But somewhere along the lines

The monster contained me

The monster became me


  • Dec 08, 2020

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