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The pain i hid inside of me
Greater than the smile i wear
Knowing am not that bad
Just found myself unlucky sometimes.

I figured it out without denial
Self reassurance is what i lean on to
Happy watching others best moments of life
Sad for i don't know if i will ever have.

I cried all my eyes out, now i can't breath
Feels like the earth has lost his oxygen
How could life be cruel to some and embraces other
Need a soothsayer, i see the future not.

While my eyes are open all i see is darkness
No one cares about how one truly feel
You'll see my teeth shine brightly
Only i know how am bleeding inside.

Wound without a scar, yet blood won't seize
One was laughing with me, yet he can't see my agony
Life turned my innocent soul to his temple of hiding pang
I feared to look at the mirror, cause i would see the bitterness in my spirit.

I'm not a weaker vessel, just can't exceed my limits
I've waited anxiously to see myself rise
Seem something's won't work, even when you push harder
There are two sides to a coin
Each sides can be divided into halves.

It amazes me how those who don't know me
Could bluntly blamed me
Gave me cold attitude of my best is not enough
Slowly killing me off without paying attention.

I want my voice to be heard, you kept shutting it
Have determine to walk through you and be refined
Hope is not lost when there still life.



  • Dec 08, 2020

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