The Death Of Gaia Read Count : 18

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I stood above the world so high,

Watched in horror as they let it die.

Stripped it bare of all its gifts,

Dumped the garbage down the ocean rifts.

Filled the sky with poison and ash,

As their cities burned and people clashed.

The end of Man came not from the skies,

But rather, began with corruption and lies.

Wars were fought not for right or wrong,

But for control of resources, for only the strong.

Lies were told and deals were made,

The media flaunted them as if on parade. 

Decades and centuries of their negligence, 

Took its toll as they succumbed to arrogance.

None were spared, no one would survive, 

As the ground below reclaimed their lives.

Oceans drained and fire raged,

Gaia's soul released from her cage.

I could no longer refrain as tears began to flow.

She could not sustain and finally let go.



  • Dec 07, 2020

  • Dec 07, 2020

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