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Everyone's government has put the whole world on what they want to Call us being isolated from everyone, they all want for us to be wearing masks like were all in some kind of diseased world kinda like the movies with all the zombies that had become infected with some kind of virus that could and wipe the whole world off the face of the planet making it where the human species wouldn't exist anymore which once again if you have watched any of those zombie movies that is exactly what is happening right this very moment in our crazy virus infested world which just like what had caused the people to turn into zombies is by being infected by a virus but instead of this virus that we have been dealing with doesn't and won't turn anyone into a zombie but instead it is trying to put an end to our crazy fucked up world as killing most everyone who has came infected with this very powerful virus which we've been told by our own government that it came from originally from China who were trying to lower their people population not intending it to infect the world but some how it had infected someone who was out in China which then they had came to the states that is now infecting the whole damn world which is gotten everyone not just stressing out but we are now freaking out wondering if any of our family members as well as ourselves are going to become infected with this horrible death infected virus that now has us all having to stay six feet away from one another as well as everyone being on some kind of state of emergency lock down. What do you all think do you all think that our little fucked up world going to come to a end do to this highly contiguous virus that has already has killed so many of the world's population which would basically mean that all of your zombie movies had some kind of truth to how the world is going to end????????

                                        WRITTEN BY: DONNA RUTTENBUR 
                                          WRITTEN ON: DECEMBER 4,2020 


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