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I am free as a fish in the sea, and these are really those whose bodies are naked and unconstrained.

I climbed over words, opinions and judgments

But I'm not that high above the clouds

There is still rain that settles on me

It is God and the ancestors those who cry for me

because they love me and know that for a long time I don't get what I deserve. 

But i'm still a prisoner 

Just an other kind 

My pain is tied to imagination, and pleasure is too. 

Pain and pleasure are this twins that never get along well. 

But they need each other, like i need you. 

And i can tell, you're just as much bounded to me as i'm to you. 

I'm a prisoner to my feet 

when i'm always on the run from pain 

don't confuse it with freedom 

don't confuse me with being healthy 

that's not what freedom looks like, 

I'm in a role of a mouse and i get hunted by a cat

my hunger for knowledge just becomes a starving schizophrenic. 

While my head is a begger, sittin' on the cold asphalt

'Cause the home got robbed. 

It's kinda a lie that wisdom is power

i'm powerless to the urge 

That's another reason why i get drunk 

Alcohol makes me feel like i reset myself

It makes me feel like i don't know anything 

I'm a prisoner to my own mind 

'cause it's the birth-giver of drugged memories 

Just as hungry for my attention as little birds whose beaks get silenced with food

I'm just a prisoner to the me 

The me is the things i said before

and many stuff more, 

like being an energy having a human experience


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