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Flowing through the nights chilled air ,
Fluttering the long forgotten leaves of fall,
Truly Unstoppable , no worldly thing can cause thee despair 
For your fluctuating mood is made clear and impacts us all .

When happy , you are smooth and warm ,
Blowing through the trees .
You help the light to shine and flowers grow ,
Bringing summer to its knees .

When sad , you are the coldest chill 
You can make minutes feel like hours .
Every step gets harder  and feels uphill ,
As  falls revenge is yet another of your powers .

When grateful , you are beloved by all ; flowers bend to your whim as they bloom .
You make beauty rise and fall ,
As you brings springs presence to float away the sadness and gloom .

Yet death is the canvas where you truly shine , as winter takes its hold . 
All these forms you take prove only , that you are truly free , unwilling to relent and do as you are told .


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