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Wasn't i given birth to by a woman?
Yet was raised by two
One could stand before the mirror to adorn herself
The other would march on nails bear footed to kill my hunger.

How could I not remember how unfavoured she's before her husband
While the favourable misplaced privileges for a right
Each new dawn, she smiles for hope and strength
Prayers saves, but in her case seem heaven's were shut.

I wonder how she kept her faith in balance
Seeing her beloved in the warmth of another being
She could have survived without me, rather choose me over herself
A mother to emulate, but no!

I would rather trend on the path of the other woman
Being a narcissist and less humane
However, I can't let my mother sacrifice go to waste
How could she decided for me while I'm breathing?

Her second, placed no sacrifice in heart
Careless about the future for she feared she won't live it
Is future that bright, deserving today's give away
I asked what is the future?

I'm normal, however, some norms are odd in my eyes
Why do we run around gathering water from the sky,
when in the end it will get infected
What's good? What's bad?
Answer thou me, for i asked thee.

The other woman tattooed happiness on her forehead
But my mother gulp sadness as red wine
Seek me out! 
I'm lost on the journey of what to do

One is my mother
The other, her shadow,
whom for a reason of life i dot on
How should one live? 
The question i have for all...



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