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You came as  a thief to many
You destroy young and old ,tears run down from our eyes like a water fall
21 days of morning,ment for the survival of the fettest,how long shall we continue to live in fear ,Nations and Nations they are departing from each other,you came as an energetic storm which will soon dissapear like a mist,let me clean up my account while am still alive,how foolish are those who don't know God gives and only God take not you,your spear will not hurt us any more ,we were looking at the north you arises from the south we fixed our eyes on the west you destroyed from the east,oh what kind of an  animal you are with no kindness
Oh poor nation arise and fight,oh poor nation show a mark for the generation to come,don't lose strength die fighting as for you unknown animal know you are soon to die!!


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    Dec 04, 2020

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  • Dec 05, 2020

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