Thinking Of You Read Count : 37

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Erotic
I dream of you.
Half awake, almost asleep.

The scent of your skin alerts my senses.
 My body cries out to yours.
My flesh craves you, my desire enflames you.
You’ve found me  now, I pull you in , fast , and deep.

I dream of you.
Half asleep, almost awake.
You penetrate my darkest wish.
My core pulses , following your lead
Obeying your powerful rhythm with every 
Driving thrust.
My breath , now a reckless pant.
I try to slow the moment, control this storm
That rages .
 I am powerless against you 
I feel the restless waters,the furious wave that’s been 
Swelling within me.
The tides rising ,rushing me towards the 
Shores of exctacy.
Thighs quivering, heart pounding , oh the final wish.
My eyes smile ,your hunger no longer contained ,now begins to fill me.
We splash like a wave, against the sands of bliss.
We dreamt this .
You of me, me of you 
This is only ours to keep.
Half awake, now sound asleep.


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