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J.Bennette59,poem,rhymer,four,slide your panties off let them roll down your legs thick in the waist very cute in the face the badd chick in the building  the boldest in the room see me feel me the ruffest the tuffest in the rhyme you see the grind double crossed with the shine keep the clip Xtra nine alot of fakers pretenders wanna be wanna see me the uptown gangsta g known from street to street block to block not hot like the boys words rhythem make much flow who they want the most poem,rhyme,four,2020


  • Ronda Rockett

    Ronda Rockett

    🤔💭Mmm, I can dig ur gind as you play with the idea, of cressing your finger tips scross my 🤫 Every gangster has a weakness...just close your eye's and imagine me, as being your personal freak...

    Jan 15, 2021

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