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J.Bennette59,poem,rhymer,two,slide the clip like a eclipse it's the sound of the gun gak no gank automatic steel against the chamber trigga finger upon the trigga Aim me in an out fast break fast take 187 um I'n your big ass ugly face sprayed with the pepper spray known as mase welcome back like maseson betha here I  am here I go touch more street surface then most homeys c.walk are chalk the concrete floor throwing up the nizine most of you wanksta lay dead upon the chalk line precaution tape this the roll call shout out to them all r.i.p to the ones gone not forgotten real crips multiply I never die women an niggas cry shed tears I have no fears stay where you at don't creep are come near I'm still originated up in here Texas,don.g.nutt59.poem.rhymer,2020


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