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She is fierce.
With the broken hearts of most women,
She refuse to be any man's mistress.
Think it's flex?
No baby, this is how she de-stress.
You're not honest?
Cross paths with her and she'll make you confess.

She dislike cowards.
Especially the ones that likes rewards
They don't know the way forward.
Just listen to her and she'll give you multiple awards
So long as you're not wayward.

You don't like her.
But your girl sees her photo and scream.
All your girl wants is her diet plan and cream.
Don't like tall and slim?
Well piss her off and she'll be the actress starring in your bad dream.


  • Dec 02, 2020

  • Dec 02, 2020

  • Nice

    Dec 02, 2020

  • Dec 02, 2020

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    Dec 03, 2020

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