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I’m rising like a Phoenix, I’m 
Not dead, and I’m not staying dead 
I’m going to rise up, with more 
Determination, more power, and 
More wisdom, I know I got this! 

I wasn’t burned by the pain, 
But the pain has made me understand 
That no matter how deep it cuts me 
 I can get up, and fight again 
Because no little pain is going to 
Make me weak, but I will face it 
And stand Stronger than before 

The pain has left my memories 
They no longer live within me 
But with the help of time, I finally 
Moved on because you can’t ever live 
In pain, when that pain no longer 
Hurts you or hunts you. 

I’m pain free and is because of God
And myself, we did the job together 
And now I can say I wasn’t burned by the pain, but the pain was burned because of me.


  • Jan 10, 2021

  • Mimisha Paul

    Mimisha Paul


    Jan 10, 2021

  • Lovely

    Jan 10, 2021

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