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Fallimg in love now adays is tantamount to putting oneself into a complex situation. Careness, here, means the endless texting and phone-call, because , that's what the person at the other end interprets as careness and to feel like yes, there is still a spark! It ain't cool.

To  my own naivety, the frequent texting and phone call it's just like saying ' hey dear, I'm free right now and i have enough credit to hear from you - that's just it. Frequent texting and phone call shouldn't stand to be the barometer to your relationship. think again!

Don't get stuck into the obsession of when next-text is coming? When was last call made? No. Engage yourself to doing something else that's full of joy. Don't you have life outside the relationship? What if the person in the other end is too busy give you a call or text you right that moment?

C'mon, dont be such a desperate and clingy pest. We have life outside relationship and it's important. The back-off doesn't symbolize ' i dont care or i no longer have crush" No! This is not true. Sometimes we need an ounce space to reclaim ourselves. When it seems such dark, step back and swallow a giant chill pill. It's not that complicated. 

We cannot all have glorious texting or calling habit. If your spouse has, then, it's fine. If you are not one, dont fake it. For how long could you keep pretending? You are curving a pathway into 
a relationship woes. It's too great a risk - dont take it!



  • Jan 09, 2021

  • Jan 10, 2021

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