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The lines on a face are like a recorded history of life.
They are the tracks that tear drops flow down, and hold ages of wisdom and
The lines on a face are not simply a sign of the body ageing.
It is a great portrayal of the "self".
As we grow old as individuals, we gain ideals and awareness of the world around us.

The lines, they show character. They dissolve any idea of time, because
we can not re-visit history, to stop the process of getting older.
So we go forward, and the lines on a face develop, and our faces show
our life journey.

Some people have an easier life journey, then others, and some people struggle
to find a place in the world, where they can be a learner, or a teacher.

 Learners are those whose lines show a zest for knowledge, whilst teachers are
those whose lines show a passion for giving wisdom to others.
This of course, is simply my own personal view, and out – look of the world around me, and how I perceive
my long progression, from child – hood; to the man I see every time I look in the mirror.

At present, I do not have lines on my face, but I like to consider myself
reasonably wise.

 However, not every one can seam knowledgeable; as some people keep what they know to themselves. As their knowledge is hidden within them.

The lines on their faces, can also be unseen, as they appear younger to others then  what they are. Age and life does not always show.
Yet we all have lines on our faces. Just because we can not see them, it does
not mean that they are not there.

It is paramount to the human psyche and 
development, that we learn as we grow.


  • Jan 09, 2021

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