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As I gazed up at the night sky.
The shimmering stars shine above

 me a cool breeze caressed my face,
like a comforting hand I could
not see.

 I sat with a mug of coffee, and
spent some time as I pondered about.
 I sat here, at the same time every
night. As time passed by, as it cut
the darkness, like a razor sharp knife.

 I put pen to paper, as I wrote by
lamplight. Whilst I gazed at this
amulet of pure shimmering white.

 I can not seam to find the words, to
say what I felt inside. It took the
fortunes of the brave, to travel there,
As two planets collide.

 This silvery spherical presence, looms
over our Earth, like a guardian of
the darkest night.
 As it pulls the tides and watches over
nocternal creatures, as they monitor
the landscape, just they take flight.

 Sending a message to the moon, is harder
than you think. I don't have access to
to a rocket ship. So I'll never land
on the surface and explore the creators, 
so I could seek out the moon's missing

 As I sat here and basked in her glory.
This spirit of the darkness, that
surrenders her secrets; as she shines
beams of light upon us during times of

 I looked from my chair, as I wrote this.
As an ode to the stars. Or a sonnet that
is penned in the night.

 I watch as planets orbit around us.
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Mars.

 If I was up there,upon that lunar wonder
I would swim in the sea of tranquility.
As the stars reflected in the ice on
the dark side, as it cracks and splits,
Like thunder.

 I sent a message to the moon, to tell
those that reside there, who we are.
 They watch us, as humankind reaches
for the stars. Setting out to explore 
space, in a quest to find another star.

 I imagion an advanced race, as they
watch us from afar. Observing our planet
as a guardian of the universe. Protected
by a burning star.


  • Jan 09, 2021

  • Maryam Jameela

    Maryam Jameela

    nice one....

    Jan 09, 2021

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