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(An everyday thought for every hunt)

"Locked my eyes upon which is gold" But am I worth enough to earn it?
 (food for thought everyday!!..) 
Well, like in a movie,  certain treasures require only an Indiana Jones character to be found,  a pirates mindset to be persisted and optimistic..  
Perfection is not what you can find in any treasure,  for it might be covered in rust and dirt but beyond those unlikable sights is an adoration of what you might appreciate owning despite stepping in fire and thorns to earn it

Well,  some treasures are as pure as they can be but mostly because they where shielded by walls that do not easily break.....

A pure treasure can be covered by walls that seem to be made of Diamond, tied up by tungsten and require a special heating and hammering force to break... 

And now a question only the brave answer  positively 
Do I have that power and energy to break the shield and earn the treasure???  

                                                   ¬©Mclas Jr 


  • Jan 08, 2021

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