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People think they know everything in this life,
 Until life proves to them that they know 
Nothing about kindness, about caress, 
About being a good person with other souls:
 People, animals, even with flowers and plants. 

 How hard it is to find a good doctor nowadays  
  To heal your bodily wounds.
How hard it is to find a good priest 
To heal your soul wounds.  

How hard it is to find good people 
Around you to give you support,
 And when you make a mistake
 To explain it and not to laugh
 About yourself with others behind your back.

 You can get lost for many years in lies,
 You can feel more alone than being
 Loved by someone you like. 

You can shout loudly and no one to hear,
 You can cry and no one to wipe away your tears, 
Saying: "Do not be afraid, 
All the pain will pass away, my dear. "

Being nice to someone has become so rare
 That when you treat someone like that, 
That person thinks you're in love.  

Being respectful has become a pearl, 
When you treat someone like that,
 That person thinks you are fake.

Others live like sheep,
 Following others without discernment.  
Others are wolves in human form, 
They attack you even if you
 Did not intend to harm them.

How many people, so many bad characters...


  • Jan 08, 2021

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    Jan 08, 2021

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