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It's because of you I'm feeling all sad and blue 
It's because of me I feel I still don't have you 
Our love was something else like the way you looked at me in knew exactly just how you felt 
I never knew I could get so caught up in you 
Life's funny like that one min I'm good then the next I'm fighting with you to just come down to the house so I can get you in my bed and show you exactly how making love is way more then all that othersex you ever felt 
My dreams are still there 
 you and me anywhere 
Doing anything it takes to keep you 
Because without you I don't want to 
Get out the bed or go to work finish this house it's all for nothing like my life has no worth
I'd die for you but is rather live for you
I've cried for you more then just a time or two
It's got to get easier but it just won't until I can feel your heart beat against mine like it did all those times 
For ever on my mind so for ever I feel like I'm dieing
Please understand that I can be the man what ever it takes anything I must do 
I'll go anywhere do anything 
I'll write you a song and if you want I will sing it to you
I've told the world you were my girl no matter what as long as we had each other nothing would ever stand in our way 
Because you are a leader 
And I will for ever cut down anything that would stand in your way
I love you like the air we breath 
Besides that and you there is nothing more I'll ever need


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