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You know you’re hurt when you lay in bed trying to find a reason to even breathe, the very breath out of your body suddenly becomes an option. Its sad that you now realize you are just truly existing without that one person, nothing even matters at this point because the one person you put in the center of your life is no longer there. How do you deal with that? How do you deal with the pain of feeling your heart shatter in your chest, you start crying and you feel as the tears come from the bottom of your stomach and at that point you have to hold both your stomach and your chest? How do you deal with the constant thoughts and memories that antagonize your mind, the memories of the love you once shared and all the special moments that led up to you falling in love. The truth is there had to be something about that person that made you fall so deeply in love with them, now how do you deal with that, how do you deal with not being able to have that anymore? How do you stop loving someone you love with your whole entire being, someone you love with your whole heart and soul? How do you just stop? What kills me the most is when you realize you weren’t as important to them as you see them going on with their life while you die atleast 5 times a day, 2 times in a hour. Do you know what its like to be alive but dead on the inside, just searching for a reason, and no matter how hard you try you can’t find that reason because your reason decides to not be there no more. Do you know how that feels? How do you deal with that? How do i heal from that?  


  • Jan 08, 2021

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