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If you're going to love me
 Even when everyone is going to tell you
 Bad things about me, 
And you're not going to start checking
 To see if it's true.  

If you're going to love me even when I'm down, 
Maybe depressed, maybe too upset to talk, 
And you won't start judging me 
Or using offensive words. 

 If you will love me 
Even when I can give you nothing more
 Than a small kiss on your mouth,
 And when my gaze will be hidden
 Under the glasses. 
When our beautiful memories
 Will be kept in photos, 
When we will both be nostalgic,
 Sitting by the fireplace.

It means that you can bring me the peace
 I seek when there is a storm.
It means that for you 
I am more important than the people
 Who can tell you lies.
It means that you are the love
 For which I prayed to God many times.


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    Jan 08, 2021

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