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I'm so tired it's like I can't even get wired 
The world pulls at my strings it's a bloody mess 
My strings made from barbed wire 
I can't get right hell I'll never be I'm left handed 
Left all alone stranded like I'm the only mother fucker left on this whole damn planet
I do my dirt all alone I fuck your chick every time you leave your home 
I call her bitch as she swallows my bone 
She licks her lips 
Always makes sure not to waste any my load 
She ain't no amature I taught her all she know 
Thats why when she sucks your dick and your about to blow just remember this thats your wife but my bitch and in her mind it's my dick every time she ever give a blow 
I think I've made my point figure it's time I go but don't forget I always wipe my dick on the inside of your god damn pillow 


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