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I want to scream , I what to cry . I hate to atmitt it but I what to DIE  .....I want it all just to stop . This heaviness inside of me dragging me deeper  and deeper into the darkness.  The constant hurt . To never get out of bed again . To stop cutting just to feel a thing .... I hate that feeling of being alone in this fight against myself . Everybody seems fine and happy . Nobody notice or even care . They don't notice the sadness in my eyes or what is underneath...all the horrible thoughts . The deamons in my head . The cuts under my shorts . Or the skin I have shred ...They just don't  notice  . I'm in so much overwhelming pain , it numbs me make me feel so worthless .Taking a blade to my skin to cut away my thoughts . I feel that they wouldn't even care and they wouldn't even cry or even say a prayer to say good bye.....


  • It's dark, but well written. However, one small piece of advice, do re-check your spelling before posting. Keep writing 💜

    Jan 08, 2021

  • I'm aware of what you want to do with this time. Ok, I'll give you five stars. Easy to use it.

    Jan 18, 2021

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