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It's amazing how love 
Can turn into disease, 
And burn all your bones,
Breaking your flesh inside you.

  When you think you can be happy, 
But what give it to you,
 Can't even bring a smile fake
 Over your pretty face. 

I have to confess,
I've always been afraid of this kind of love, 
And I always receive it by the people I love.  

Life goes on,
 My thoughts turn into memories.
 The hours go by and I feel worse,
 Thinking about everything I lost.

 All the tears I hid after a painful kiss,
Which I gave saying that I am fine even without.

Without true love,
 No real friends in between, 
No parents who could have
Understood me better 
Even when I was silent.


  • Jan 07, 2021

  • Jan 07, 2021

  • Very nice

    Jan 07, 2021

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