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You are like the wind,
 You take me wherever you go. 
 You are like the sea, 
You are always wonderful and free.  

I am a shadow for you, 
I hide behind your shape.
  I'm like an umbrella,
 You hide under it - 
When it's too hot outside. 

 I am a closed road, 
I would have liked to read you
 As I read poetry books in my adolescence.

I have a broken lip, 
Maybe because I never received 
That kiss promised by your salty mouth.

  I have an empty mind
 Because all my thoughts
 Are gone to bring you back. 
 I have a wound that extends 
From my arms to my chest.


  • Jan 06, 2021

  • Jan 07, 2021

  • Beautiful

    Jan 07, 2021

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